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: Ronchi Rulings Precision Optical Grating : Ronchi Ruling Opal Glass :
Ronchi Ruling| Precision Optical Grating Pattern| Opal Glass
Name: Optical Components Ronchi Rulings / Gratings

Description: APPLIED IMAGE precision Ronchi Rulings are generated using our unique semiconductor pattern generator devices.  The result is an extremely accurate ruling with smooth line edges and square edge-profile.  Standard rulings are available on optical grade soda-lime glass substrates, white opal glass, transparent polyester film or photographic paper.  Rulings can be supplied on other materials such as B270, quartz or BK-7 glass as well as at other frequencies or sizes. Contact APPLIED IMAGE for availability of rulings in English frequency metrics (Cycles per inch).  An inventory is maintained of the following standard rulings.

Pattern Specs:
Material: Chrome on Opal Glass
Image Area 1 inch x 1 inch 2 inch x 2 inch 4 inch x 4 inch
Overall Size 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch 4 inch x 4 inch 5 inch x 5 inch
Frequency (c / mm)      
0.5 c/mm RR0.5-12-OP RR0.5-24-OP RR0.5-45-OP
1.0 c/mm RR1-12-OP RR1-24-OP RR1-45-OP
2.0 c/mm RR2-12-OP RR2-24-OP RR2-45-OP
2.5 c/mm RR2.5-12-OP RR2.5-24-OP RR2.5-45-OP
3.0 c/mm RR3-12-OP RR3-24-OP RR3-45-OP
4.0 c/mm RR4-12-OP RR4-24-OP RR4-45-OP
5.0 c/mm RR5-12-OP RR5-24-OP RR5-45-OP
10.0 c/mm RR10-12-OP RR10-24-OP RR10-45-OP
20.0 c/mm RR20-12-OP RR20-24-OP RR20-45-OP
30.0 c/mm RR30-12-OP RR30-24-OP RR30-45-OP
40.0 c/mm RR40-12-OP RR40-24-OP RR40-45-OP
50.0 c/mm RR50-12-OP RR50-24-OP RR50-45-OP
100.0 c/mm RR100-12-OP RR100-24-OP RR100-45-OP
150.0 c/mm RR150-12-OP RR150-24-OP RR150-45-OP
200.0 c/mm RR200-12-OP RR200-24-OP RR200-45-OP
250.0 c/mm RR250-12-OP RR250-24-OP RR250-45-OP
300.0 c/mm RR300-12-OP RR300-24-OP RR300-45-OP
400.0 c/mm RR400-12-OP RR400-24-OP RR400-45-OP
500.0 c/mm RR500-12-OP RR500-24-OP RR500-45-OP
Technical Notes:
Choose Document Type N/A N/A
Part No. Price Buy
RR0.5-12-N-OP $149.35
RR1-12-N-OP $149.35
RR2-12-N-OP $149.35
RR2.5-12-N-OP $149.35
RR3-12-N-OP $149.35
RR4-12-N-OP $149.35
RR5-12-N-OP $149.35
RR10-12-N-OP $149.35
RR20-12-N-OP $161.95
RR30-12-N-OP $172.45
RR40-12-N-OP $103.95
RR50-12-N-OP $235.45
RR100-12-N-OP $235.45
RR150-12-N-OP $340.45
RR200-12-N-OP $340.45
RR250-12-N-OP $415.00
RR300-12-N-OP $441.25
RR400-12-N-OP $520.00
RR500-12-N-OP $598.75
RR0.5-24-N-OP $199.75
RR1-24-N-OP $199.75
RR2-24-N-OP $199.75
RR2.5-24-N-OP $199.75
RR3-24-N-OP $199.75
RR4-24-N-OP $199.75
RR5-24-N-OP $199.75
RR10-24-N-OP $199.75
RR20-24-N-OP $210.25
RR30-24-N-OP $231.25
RR40-24-N-OP $257.50
RR50-24-N-OP $467.50
RR100-24-N-OP $508.45
RR150-24-N-OP $546.25
RR200-24-N-OP $677.50
RR250-24-N-OP $703.75
RR300-24-N-OP $814.00
RR400-24-N-OP $992.50
RR500-24-N-OP $1,144.75
RR0.5-45-N-OP $287.95
RR1-45-N-OP $287.95
RR2-45-N-OP $287.95
RR2.5-45-N-OP $287.95
RR3-45-N-OP $287.95
RR4-45-N-OP $287.95
RR5-45-N-OP $287.95
RR10-45-N-OP $287.95
RR20-45-N-OP $424.45
RR30-45-N-OP $529.45
RR40-45-N-OP $676.45
RR50-45-N-OP $703.75
RR100-45-N-OP $730.00
RR150-45-N-OP $756.25
RR200-45-N-OP $793.00
RR250-45-N-OP $919.00
RR300-45-N-OP $1,108.00
RR400-45-N-OP $1,570.00
RR500-45-N-OP $2,095.00
Products Specification Table Documents & Downloads  
*Note: Any product that has a standard offer of NIST Calibration will have a XX-XX-SECCAL
part number for one of the options. If the product you are purchasing needs to have NIST
Traceable Calibration, you will need to select both the part you want and the SECCAL options.
NIST Traceable Calibration of parts without a SECCAL part number are a custom order. Please
contact us with your Custom calibration needs.*


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