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IAFIS Fingerprint Scanner| FBI SIQT Test Chart QA-74
qa-74,qa74,qa 74

Description: The FBI designed this chart for gray level and resolution testing of the new Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS). The chart includes Ronchi areas with frequencies from 1 c/mm to 19.6 c/mm and uniform gray areas having consistency better than +/- 0.02 OD.

Notes: See SINE M-13-60-1x and SINE M-15-60 FBI standards for fingerprint scanners.

Overall Size: 196.85 x 120.65mm (7.75 x 4.75in). 

Pattern Specs:
Refl. Material
Technical Notes:    
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QA-74-P-RM $215.00
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*Note: Any product that has a standard offer of NIST Calibration will have a XX-XX-SECCAL
part number for one of the options. If the product you are purchasing needs to have NIST
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