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Photomask| Photolithography| Photo Tool| Precision Image| Chrome on Glass| Made to Order

PhotoMask| Photolithography| Photo Tool| Precision Image| Chrome on Glass| Made to Order

Mask Making Services

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Mr. David Doubledee
TEL:  (+1) 585.482.0300 x242


For a quarter of a century, APPLIED IMAGE Inc. has been serving the needs of the imaging industry with precision masks, reticules, test targets and photo-tools of the highest quality.  Our thorough knowledge of hybrids (both thin and thick film), microwaves, large displays, surface mounted technology and encoders assures that our customers will receive the quality product they expect, on time and at a reasonable price.  Applied Image's unique equipment, facilities and professional staff provide a wide variety of solutions for today's mask needs.  Applied Image is truly a "one stop" imaging center where the solutions to your needs.



Designing and imaging microwaves can be tricky, but our wide assortment of equipment and facilities assures meeting even the most stringent government specifications.

Thin and thick film masks and screens can be accommodated in all substrates and sizes to meet your requirements. Work can be performed from your data base or our expert CAD group would be pleased to layout the design for you.



A wide variety of masks, film tools and screens are available with formats up to 8 x 10in for hybrids and semiconductors to as large as 25 x 30in for special applications (such as displays or thick films). The choice of substrates include emulsion, chrome, see-thru chrome, iron oxide on a soda-lime glass base, low expansion quartz, or other specialty glass based materials. Or perhaps your requirements are for film tools, screens or even sandwiched hinged glass photo-tools all of which Applied Image can provide.


The first step in making the mask is the design. Applied Image starts with your CAD data or, if you prefer, our extensive CAD department will design the layout for you.

After appropriate checks, the output is then routed to either our micro or macro group, depending on your particular needs. The micro group pattern generates, step and repeats, and

duplicates the masks to the highest standards, or the macro group might photo-plot, rubylith cut, camera reduce, step and repeat, duplicate or make screens as your needs require.

The single most important attribute is quality.  This process starts with the review of the job when it first comes in. It is then carried through to check plot procedures established by our CAD group with our customers.  Further, this same attention is carried through in process QC checks. Finally all jobs go through our final QC department. All QC checks are performed in stringent environmentally controlled and class 100 clean room facilities assuring you the highest quality.