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Photo Tool| Photomask| Photolithography| Photographic| Precision Image| Chrome on Glass| Emulsion

Custom Project Applications

Custom Manufacturing

Established in 1978, APPLIED IMAGE has become a world leader in the field of Custom Opto-Imaged Components and Standard Calibration tools. We achieved this distinction with a wide range of capabilities and decades of experience. This is showcased in our standard product line, which includes, ISO Test Targets, Sinusoidal Patterns (Sine Patterns), Certified Bar Code Standards, Reticles (Including Etch and Fill), Image Analysis & Linear Stage Micrometers and Robotic & Vision Calibration Standards. The vast selection of these standard products addresses the needs of the Optical, Imaging, Microscopy, Vision & Robotic, Barcode, Medical Imaging, Electronic Scanning, Photonics and many other industries.
While APPLIED IMAGE prides itself on its Standard product lines, our major strength is the designing and manufacturing of custom components. We can assist you from conceptual design, to prototype through final production. APPLIED makes the process as easy as possible providing full in-house services; CAD Design, Imaging, Glass Machining and NIST Traceable Calibration. This leads to shorter lead-times and lower costs.
APPLIED IMAGE has vast experience in custom project manufacturing on a wide variety of substrate materials; such as glass, opal, ceramics, plastic, metal, mylar and poly-resin high-resolution photo-emulsion film as well as the various coating options for your specific requirements. Secondary coatings are available for enhancement or impediment of specific wavelengths as well as protective coatings on specific substrate materials.

In addition,  APPLIED also offers sub-assembly manufacturing services; from simple mounting of imaged components to complex multi-component assembly. In the past, APPLIED has designed and manufactured custom components ranging from a few millimeters in size to over 2,000 millimeters in length while retaining high precision individual features.

APPLIED will work with you to find the exact process; the specific materials and best method to produce the component you desire. From your drawings, files, sketches, or verbal descriptions we can design your specific custom component then provide you with a final drawing in a wide range of formats for your approval before production. Once in production, our Q.C. department will inspect the components during and at the conclusion of the manufacturing process to insure your specifications are met or exceed. In addition, APPLIED offers as an option either NIST Traceable Certification; Certificate of Conformance; or 1st Article Inspection on all custom components.

Let APPLIED IMAGEís expert staff assist in the development and production of your next custom component or assist in the manufacturing of your current requirements. Just fill out the APPLIED IMAGE Request For Quotation form and either fax 1.585.288.5989 or e-mail info@appliedimage.com the completed form to us. APPLIED will gladly provide a Custom Manufacturing Quote within 48 to 72 hours.

Examples of Coatings:


Examples of Substrate Materials:

High Reflective chrome

Low Reflective chrome

Blue chrome

Blue - chrome - Blue





Iron Oxide


Etch and Fill

Photo Emulsion


Sodalime Glass

B270 Glass

B270 Glass

Fused Silica

Low Expansion Glass

Flashed Opal

Solid Opal



Photo paper

- glossy finish

- matte finish

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